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At T Generation, we live and breathe our values - everything we do is embedded in our culture.

As people with integrity, we follow through on our commitments. With courage, we push through our fears daily, in pursuit of our end goals.

By remaining humble and aware of the role we play in our clients' lives, it is important to practice humility, gratitude and employ perspective. We have therefore made a promise to promote kindness, and show compassion to all.

Nothing worth having comes easy, and by having passion for what we do and perseverance when times get tough, we know we have the grit it takes to win.


Be coachable - coaching is a collaboration.

Without a strong connection and complete ownership of yourself, goals cannot be achieved. Basically, we can only open the door and provide directions to the destination - you need to walk through that door.

To support the process, we use science and objective data to allow us to move forward. This isn’t Instagram; we will not lie to you or start talking about flat tummy tea! The aim is for you to want us forever; not need us forever. Continual education and access to resources is an empowering vehicle that allows all Trans and Gender Diverse individuals to pursue their dreams.

Our bodies are complex, ever changing, resilient and fascinating machines; however, progress is never linear.

T Generation does not support body shaming of any kind. Only honest, evidence & trauma informed support, tailored to you. Stay hungry and fight for your goals, and it is important to love this point in your journey right now.


All bodies are beautiful, valid, and amazing. Your goals are yours alone; not ours. However, it is our first priority to ensure that your health is in order before we can pursue your performance and/or aesthetic goals together.

In order to create a framework for, and achieve success, first we must learn about you and how you operate, by listening to your story. Our job is to get you healthy first, before we can push the accelerator to the floor. What you can expect is accountability, compassion, and results; however, this is a collaboration and is going to require effort from you. As always, the choice is yours.

Supporting you every step of the way, we will continually push you to be the best version of yourself as YOU live YOUR best life.

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