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Name: Sam


Pronouns: He/Him


Position: Head Coach/Founder 


Favourite Lift: Deadlift


Sam is the Head Coach and owner of T Generation. Identifying as a transman, Sam has been on HRT since 2010 and didn't start out in the health and fitness space. Before discovering the power of movement and being a product of Corporate Australia, he was tied to a desk and not the person you see today. His life consisted of minimal movement, substance abuse & no sense of adequate nutrition which led to a very unhappy and limited state of mind.


When he first started HRT, Sam didn't yet understand the effect that the transition process would have on his body both physically & mentally. Coupled with the lifestyle choices above, when he first started HRT, Sam gained a considerable amount of weight (+50kgs) and was at one point sitting at 130kgs & <60% body fat. It wasn't until he put time and energy into finding a coach that made him feel safe and empowered that I was able to build what you see today (pictured).

In saying that, he does not push his own personal preferred forms on training/goals onto others. Tramua awareness, HAES principles and extended compassion are at the fort front of his practice. Having the absolute privilege to work with all different humans across a broad range of gender identities and expressions, it is an honour to guide people through their journey as they take control of their bodies and minds.

By focusing on continual education and professional development, Sam aims to provide pathways for providing more value & sustainable results for his clients.


Professional Career:

In Sam's tenure as a Coach, he has had the privilege to work with a variety of fitness providers across Sydney & Melbourne in both senior management and coaching roles for almost a decade.


  • Snap Fitness- Sydney

  • Anytime Fitness - Melbourne

  • Result Based Training - Melbourne


Some of Sam's personal achievements include being the 2nd Transmale ever in Aus (3rd internationally) to compete within a tested cisgender powerlifting federation, the original Unicorns fitness trainer (Melbourne based) and Thorne harbour Community Service award recipient 2021 as well as changing countless lives on their journey toward being their best selves.

Why T Gen:

"T Gen was born out of my personal negative experience and unease in the health/fitness industry around queer safety and empathy. After going through numerous coaches and gyms (sometimes not by choice), it was many years before I felt safe with a coach who listened, actually cared more about my health and was willing to work with me to understand my body and how my personal lived experience changed my biology, physiology and cognitive processes.  Now, I want to give that space to you.

T Gen is open to all humans that want results but need guidance, understanding, accountability and are yet to vibe with a coach that gets it and gets THEM. "


Current Stats:

Squat: 155 Bench: 100 Dead: 195 

Plans for the future:

"My dream is to one day open my own facility and create an education platform for trans and gender diverse people all of the world. From there to explore and feel empowered with the knowledge to make educated choices around how THEY wish to move their bodies safely and effectively. Ohhh and 300 kg deadlift"

Favourite Quote:

"No matter how bad it is or how bad it gets. I am going to make it" - Les Brown

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