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t gen gym - brunswick,vic


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1:1/2:1 - Personalised Coaching

  • Weekly Check ins

  • Training Programming

  • Nutritional Guidance in accordance with your goals

  • Access to Private Coaching Group

  • Open Gyms Sessions

  • Gym or Home workouts

  • Fully customised to you

  • Including x 1 Session with a Coach 



  • Unlimited Small Group Coaching Sessions - 45 min Strength & Conditioning Centre Sessions (no experience needed)​

  • Optional Access to all T Gen Gym Open Sessions 

  • T Gen Community Chat via Discord - Coaches communication, memes, jokes (about the Coaches) and a lot of banter and fun.

  • Infrared Sauna Access - Recovery & Relaxation

  • Community Events - Brunch Clubs/Movie Nights/Seminars/BBQs etc



  • Access to T Gen Open Gym Sessions

  • Program refresh every 6 weeks (opt)

  • Infrared Sauna Access

Open Gym is free gym floortime for you to train however you like in a super cute and low(er) stimulating environment.

We have Low-Sensory Sessions with reduced lighting & sound, alongside a general Open Gym Sessions.


Headphones, loops and any other sensory aids are always encouraged if needed.

Sessions are capped at 4 humans at a time to ensure space, and access to equipment and a Coach will be on-site at all times. 


'Be the Person you needed when YOU were growing up'

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